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It’s a Free World

Ken Loach
UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland 2007 / 96’

A nurse, a mechanic, a roofer, a shop manager - in the first scene, all of them sit down on a chair and ask their English agent in Polish about working opportunities in the UK. But the beginning may be misleading; against the trivial Polish title Loach's film is not about a portrayal of the mass emigration from Poland. This is a film about longing for freedom in a world in which freedom is just a slogan. The main character is the vigorous Englishwoman named Angie - the mentioned agent, who is actually very similar to the Poles. She is occasionally fired without notice, and she keeps changing companies and struggling for her paychecks. Finally, she rebels against it and together with her friend Rose she establishes her own employment agency. (…)

It's a Free World...doesn't swagger or coquet its audience, and it doesn't lead to easy conclusions (the cinematography is purposely harsh, sometimes dark, without distinct colours). Loach does not play a social journalist, as he is often believed to; he tries to capture a fragment of the running reality, unpolished in its aimless speed.

Paweł T. Felis, Gazeta Wyborcza

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