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Beauty in Trouble

Jan Hřebejk
Kráska v nesnázich
Czech Republic 2006 / 110’

Although the title sounds like a typical Czech comedy, this is one of the saddest tragic comedies made by our southern neighbours in recent years. The Beauty is Marcela (Czech cinema star Anna Geislerova), and the trouble is her life, very different from a fairy tale with an absolutely non-luxurious house, two kids and a boorish husband who prepares stolen cars for sale (I am working!). Marcela, as a beauty should, would like to talk about other things than just beautiful countries (she works at a travel agency), and also to taste life, learn to eat sushi and appreciate wine without water. She can get all this from Evzen Beneš, a rich Czech man much older than her who has lived in Italy for many years, who arrives as a Prince Charming riding on a white horse (while the husband is in prison) and offers the girl the chance of transformation from Cinderella into a princess.
Paweł T. Felis, Gazeta Wyborcza

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