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Peter Greenaway
Great Britain, Netherlands, Poland, Canada 2007 / 141’

How many cinema visionaries are there now, artists, who don't have to care about box office results, who make films as if they did it for themselves, and their whims, often extravagant and eccentric always find generous sponsors? The new film by Greenaway - a variation about invented episodes of the life of Rembrandt, begins and ends in a terrifying dream of the naked and blinded painter, on whom his real and imagined enemies take revenge. And what is in between, is the director's fantasy drawn from an impressive, pedantic interpretation of the famous picture The Night Watch. A fantasy allowing us to look into the Dutchman's alcove, to see him try to immortalise every single situation in his life (including his son's birth or his lover in bed) in his sketch-book and at the same time we enter a world of uncompromising fight for power, sexual mysteries, humiliated women and triumphant men.

Paweł T. Felis, Gazeta Wyborcza

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