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Lady Chatterlay

Pascale Ferran
France, Belgium, Great Britain 2006 / 168’

Constance, who is not very young any more, leads a boring life with her boring and disabled husband. When during a walk she accidentally sees the half-naked Parkin, who for her husband is just servant hired to look after their vast estate, her long-suppressed sexuality wakes up. Gradually, the relation between a lady of the elite and a simpleton of the woods changes into a passionate affair, witnessed directly by the fierce and beautiful nature. But how will this relation change them both?

At the time, Lawrence's novel was a scandal, it was labelled "obscene" and for decades it was even forbidden. This is not only because Lawrence described sexual intercourses, but also because he showed the prohibited relationship as a natural act of escape from conventions and sexual restraints.

Paweł T. Felis, Gazeta Wyborcza

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