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The Bothersome Man

Jens Lien
Den Brysomme mannen
Norway, Iceland 2006 / 95’

Although the film's plot is set in modern times, it resembles futurist utopias inspired by Huxley or Orwell. (…) This world works by itself, and very smoothly and efficiently, everybody is very pleasant and kind to everyone else, and yet we have no doubts that living there is a nightmare.
In the first scene, the main character, Andreas, throws himself in the path of an underground train, suggesting initially that everything shown later will be his life before in a purgatory as a modern yuppie, artificial paradise or cold hell. Soon, we see Andreas get off a bus in the middle of something similar to a desert (...), from where he is led by a mysterious guide to a nearby town (...). There, he finds a comfortable, although expressionless, hotel-room-like apartment and an accountant's position. The job is not hard and at a party thrown by his work-mate Andreas meets an attractive interior-designer.

Paweł Mossakowski, Gazeta Wyborcza

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