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Joe Strummer – The Future Is Unwritten

Julien Temple
UK 2006 / 120’

A biography of the leader of the legendary band The Clash. (...) A documentary presenting life of the punk-rock musician in chronological order: starting from his childhood passed on continuous journeys across the world (...) to his death at 50 in 2002.

The film includes archival footage (some of it made 30 years ago by the director Julian Temple himself, who is an honoured chronicler of punk rock), "voices from the other side" in fragments of radio and TV interviews with Strummer and opinions of his friends, musicians he played with, women he loved, his fans and acquaintances: Temple seated them all next to bonfires (loved so much by Strummer) and let them speak freely. Faithful to the egalitarian attitude of The Clash's leader, Temple shows both celebrities (as Bono, John Cusack or Martin Scorsese, the only one on the film who is wearing a suit) and persons who are utterly anonymous.

Paweł Mossakowski, Gazeta Wyborcza

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