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You, the Living

Roy Andersson
Du levande
Sweden 2007 / 94’

Despite the very pompous title, Roy Andersson doesn't like sermonising: he prefers to catch us - people - during everyday absurdities. He doesn't lament about humanity, but he portrays the sad gathering of loners and victims of frustration in a mocking, often sharply mocking convention. And it is true that the film's humour is excellent at moments, painfully accurate and sneering, sometimes low-key or even forced: because this is not about careless joking.

As in his Songs from the Second Floor (Sanger fran andra vaningen) Andersson replaces a plot with a series of scenes-gags. The same places are repeated (a bar where every evening finishes with a ritual phrases: last round today, orders, please!), sentences (nobody can understand me!) and characters, who out of sudden turn toward the camera and speak about their desires and dreams, about their lonely lives or accumulated anger against the world.

Paweł T. Felis, Gazeta Wyborcza

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