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Anton Corbijn
UK, USA, Australia, Japan 2007 / 121’

This story about Ian Curtis, leader of the new-wave, post-punk group Joy Division (...) of the 1970s, who committed suicide at 23 just before his American tour, breaks the usual conventions of films about music stars. There is no pop martyrology, no waffling about "internal confusion in front of success", no alcohol and drug excesses or group sex! Only epilepsy (probably treated in the wrong way), the inability to leave a cursed love triangle and melancholy, oppressing melancholy, which can be heard in all pieces by this group. Control shows life rather than a show-business tale, maybe because it was made by someone who used to know the main character very well - it was directed by a Dutch photographer who once recorded the band's performances and the screenplay was based on the diaries of Curtis's wife, who is also the film's co-producer. (…)

Paweł Mosakowski, Gazeta Wyborcza

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