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Jan Svĕrák
Vratné lahve
Czech Republic 2007 / 100’

A cheerful and pleasant comedy by the family duo of the Sveráks (...). The main character, Jósef Tkaloun, aged 65, leaves his job at a secondary school, where he taught literature, but he doesn't break down, he doesn't get senile depression or sit in a rocking chair in front of a TV set - but he searches for a new job (…). After a failed experiment in a courier company, Josef takes a job at a supermarket collecting empty bottles brought in by customers.

This wouldn't be Czech cinema if it started moralising or even evaluating. Empties (Vratné lahve) is a film lenient of all human (and especially men's) weaknesses, it is warm and optimistic: it shows that happiness is possible even in unfavourable circumstances.

Paweł Mossakowski, Gazeta Wyborcza

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