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Alice´s House

Chico Teixeira
A casa de Alice
Brasil 2007 / 92’

A working-class district in São Paulo is home to fortysomething manicurist Alice who has been married to her husband, Lindomar, for more than twenty years. Lindomar's mother, Dona Jacira, lives with the couple and virtually runs the household. She cooks, cleans and does the washing. While she works, she listens to her favourite show, 'grandma's programme' on the radio. Alice and Lindomar have three children who also live with them: Lucas is the 'reactionary' member of the family. He is currently doing national service in the army. Seventeen-year-old Edinho is a bright boy who always seems to have money in his pocket. The fragile-looking Junior, 15, is Mama's pet. Alice and Lindomar's marriage hits a crisis when the ageing head of the family develops a conspicuous passion for young girls.

IFF Berlin 2007


40-year-old Alice, who works as a manicurist in a beauty salon, shares a flat with her husband, a taxi-driver, her three sons and her mother Jacira. The old woman, who takes care of the home and fusses over the whole family, is gradually losing her sight. But she has long been blind to things she simply doesn't want to see - the relationships within the family. After twenty years of marriage, her daughter doesn't expect great passion; in any case, her husband Lindomar saves his energy for secret rendezvous with underage girls. Alice tries not to notice her husband's aberrations - after all, she has her own extra-marital affairs to keep her busy. An intimate look at a Brazilian family in Teixeira's highly original debut, screened in its world premiere at the 57th Berlin IFF.

IFF Karlovy Vary 2007

Chico Teixeira was born in 1958 in Rio de Janeiro. He made his first documentary film in 1989, Shanty Towns, for which he received awards at festivals in Brazil and Portugal. His shocking documentary about the everyday lives of old people in hospital Old Age (1991) was screened at numerous international festivals. He won around two dozen national and three international prizes for his poetic documentary about five dwarves Creatures Born in Secret (1995).


1989 Favelas / Shanty Towns (dok. / doc.)

1991 Velhice / Old Age (dok. / doc.)

1995 Criaturas que nasciam em segredo / Creatures Born in Secret (dok. / doc.)

2000 Carrego comigo / The Inner Me (dok. / doc.)

2007 A casa de Alice / Alice's House

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