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Stray Dog

Beto Brant, Renato Ciasca
Cão sem dono
Brasil 2007 / 82’

The film is based on the book Até o dia em que o cao morreu, the debut of Daniel Galera, recognised by critics as one of the greatest Brazilian authors of the young generation. Stray dog is a study of love, relationships and an intimate, colourful portrait of a generation. The film is about the meeting of Ciro, who has just graduated from literature department and is now going through an existential crisis, because he has no plans for the future, and Marcela, an ambitious model, just beginning her career, who is obsessed with her work and leaves her dreams unrealised. Ciro and Marcela fall in love, and begin to share their dreams and problems.

Los Angeles Latino IFF 2008

Renato Ciasca with director Beto Brant worked together in several artistic projects, the first being the graduation short film Aurora (1987). The partnership with Brant was interrupted when Ciasca was travelling through several countries, such as the USA, Australia, India, Nepal and many others in South America. After his return he worked as a producer.

Selected filmography:

1987 Aurora (kr.m., współreż. / short, co-dir)

2007 Bezpański pies / Cão Sem Dono (współreż. / co-dir.)

Beto Brant was born in 1964 in São Paulo. His short films Aurora (1987), Where Is Meneghetti (1989) and Eternity (1991) won a number of awards at Brazilian film festivals.

Selected filmography:

1998 Strzelając do przyjaciół / Ação entre amigos / Friendly Fire

2002 Intruz / O invasor / The Trespasser

2005 Zbrodnia intymna / Crime delicado / Delicate Crime

2007 Bezpański pies / Cão Sem Dono / Stray Dog (współreż. / co-dir.)

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