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Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures

Marcelo Gomes
Cinema, aspirinas e urubus
Brasil 2005 / 99’

1942. In the middle of northeast Brazil, two men meet: Johann, a German who has escaped from the war, and Ranulpho, a Brazilian leaving the drought that hunts the region. Driving from village to village, they show a film to the inhabitants who have never before experienced cinema in order to sell a brand new "miracle" medicine. Continuing to cross dusty roads in the old-fashioned hinterland, they search for new horizons in their lives.

IFF Cannes 2005


The film is set in Brazil in the 40's, a unique period in its history. The country was governed by Getúlio Vargas, whose dictatorial regime, the New State, lasted from 1937 to 1945. Abroad, World War II was raging across Europe and Asia, and was even affecting the USA.

From 1942 to 1945, the Vargas government sent millions of drought-ridden refugees from north-eastern Brazil to work in the Amazon, forcing them to produce rubber for the North Americans to use in their warfare.

IFF Mar del Plata 2006

Marcelo Gomes was born in Brazil, where he received his undergraduate degree in communication, with a major in television (1988). In 1990, he was awarded a scholarship from the British Council for his graduate studies at the Film School of Bristol University, UK. Back in Brazil, he produced a number of videos, which have received various awards in several Brazilian festivals. In 1994, his script for the short film Maracatu, Maracatus, received several awards. Following this, he filmed Clandestina Felicidade, which was named Best Short Film by the critics of the Film Festival of Gramado. In 1996, he produced Punk, Rock, Hard Core. In 1997 he directed Expresso Brasil. Gomes has also directed numerous television documentaries

Selected filmography:

1994 Maracatu, Maracatus (kr.m. / short film)

1997 Expresso Brasil

1999 Clandestina Felicidade (kr.m. / short film)

1999 Brasil em Curtas 06 - O Curtas Pernambucanos

2000 Os Brasileiros (TV)

2005 Cinema, Aspirinas e Urubus / Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures

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