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Arid Movie

Lírio Ferreira
Árido Movie
Brasil 2004 / 100’

A television weather reporter travels to his native small town in the Brazilian north-east for the funeral of his father, who was killed under questionable circumstances. When he finally arrives in Rocha Valley, devastated by drought, he is forced to face not only his strange family, but also Indians, marijuana planters, conservative politicians, clairvoyants, water-diviners, soothsayers and spiritual leaders - and, above all, his own memories. The plunge into this almost unbelievable world is followed from a distance by his friends Bob, Falcao and Vera, and from close-up by Soledad, a filmmaker making a video about the importance of water. Soon after their arrival in this God-forsaken land, various events are set in motion whose outcome no-one can predict…

IFF Karlovy Vary 2005


ÁridoMovie shows the modern universe of the backlands where excess information and lack of water live together; where accessing the Inetnet is easier than flushing a toilet; where human life has the same value as a day without rain. The Brazilian backlands is shown as a cauldron combining all myths, both recurrent and modern, of a fantastic reality, and yet naturalistic.

Lírio Ferreira

Lírio Ferreira was born in 1965, in Recife, Pernambuco. He directed (with Paulo Caldas) his first feature film in 1997, Perfumed Ball (Baile Perfumado), which he also wrote and produced. He has directed several short films and made some experimental videos. He has also created more than 30 video clips on Brazilian artists.

Selected filmography:

1992 O Crime da Imagem (kr.m. / short)

1994 Thats a Lero-Lero (kr.m. / short)

1997 Perfumowany bal / Baile Perfumado / Perfumed Ball (współreż / co-dir.)

2004 Prognoza suszy / Árido Movie

2007 Cartoda - Música Para os Olhos (dok. / doc.)