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Hector Babenco
Brasil, Argentina 2003 / 148’

A story as seen through the very human eyes of a doctor who worked at the Sao Paulo House of Detention. The doctor's encounters with his patients become a window onto the everyday life of the criminal underworld.
His efforts start to pay off and, over time, he earns the respect of the prison community. Visits with ailing prisoners become the context for lively and touching personal stories and respect leads to the sharing of greater and greater confidences.
These narratives, set both inside and outside the prison, culminate in the infamous October 1992 Pavilion 9 massacre, in which 111 unarmed inmates were killed. The tragic event unfolds through the stories of the inmates, who, by film's end, emerge as survivors.

Cannes IFF 2003

Hector Babenco was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1946. At 19, he left for Europe where he was an extra in Italian and Spanish films. In 1969 he came to Brazil. His directorial debut was a documentary The Fabulous Fittipaldi in 1973. His film Lúcio Flávio, Passenger of Agony was the box-office success. His next film - Pixote: the Law of the Weakest (1980) - was to earn him international recognition. The international prestige of Pixote: the Law of the Weakest was followed up by the director's next film - The Kiss of the Spider Woman (1984).


1973 O Fabuloso Fittipaldi

1975 Król nocy / O Rei da Noite / The King Of The Night

1977 Lúcio Flávio, o Passageiro da Agonia / Lucio Flavio, Passenger Of Agony

1981 Pixote: A Lei do Mais Fraco / Pixote, the Law of the Weakest

1984 A Terra é Redonda Como uma Laranja

1985 Pacałunek kobiety pająka / Beijo da Mulher Aranha / The Kiss Of The Spider Woman

1987 Chwasty / Ironweed

1991 Zabawa w Boga / At Play In The Fields Of The Lord

1996 Promienne serce / Corazón iluminado / Foolish Heart

2003 Carandiru

2007 El Pasado

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