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Kiko Goifman
Brasil 2002 / 75’

Director Kiko Goifman always knew he was an adopted son, but at the age of 33, he decides to go off in search of his biological mother. As from clues from detectives in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte, the filmmaker made a film based on the on-line diary he wrote in the search. Blending in various kinds of films - amongst them, film noir - the director did not leave out the feelings involved and included his adoptive mother in the search. 33 goes deep into the peculiar universe of detectives who are in quicksands between what is legal and what is illegal, public and private. The film also includes the reaction of the public who followed along with Kiko Goifman's diary on internet, that proved very important in the entire process.

IFF Sao Paulo 2003


Adoption is still a taboo in Brazil. I was adopted myself and I wanted people to be able to talk about adoption more openly. The finished documentary also shows my entire team and their voices and visions, even though our goal was to be completely objective. In the end I am always sort of inside the film I am making. That is why I don't want to be seen or heard in the documentaries any more than I have to. Here I made an exeption. Sometimes it was really difficult to build a documentary around such an intimate theme.

Kiko Goifman

Kiko Goifman was born in Minas Gerais, in 1970. He graduated in anthropology by the Federal University of Minas Gerais, with training in political theory of communication. He holds a Master's degree in multimedia by the University of Campinas. As a documentarist, he produced films such as the series Paisagens Urbanas, O Pintor (on Iberê Camargo), and co-produced Caligrama by Eliane Caffé and Enigma de um Dia by Joel Pizzini. He also made Tereza (on day-to-day life in a prison), Clones, Bárbaros, Replicantes, and Olhos Pasmados (on violence towards the old people) .


1992 Tereza (dok. / doc.)

1994 Clones, Bárbaros, Replicantes (dok. / doc.)

1996 Paisagens Urbanas (TV)

1994 O Pintor (dok. / doc; z Jurandirem Müllerem / with Jurandir Müller)

2000 Olhos Pasmados (dok. / doc.)

2002 33 (dok. / doc.)

2003 Morte Densa (dok. / doc.)

2004 Território vemelho (dok. kr.m. / doc. short film)

2007 Handerson eas Horas (TV)

2006 Atos dos Homes / Act of Men (dok. / doc.)

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