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The Trespasser

Beto Brant
O invasor
Brasil 2001 / 97’

Estevao, Ivan and Gilberto studied construction engineering together at university and they have now been co-owners of an important construction company for fifteen years. Problems start when Estevao, a major share-holder in the company, decides that he no longer wants to work with his former fellow-students. Ivan and Gilberto resolve the situation by agreeing to get rid of him. Hired assassin Anisio is not satisfied merely with a financial reward and plans to improve his social status. He becomes more and more involved in the lives of Ivan and Gilberto and, in order to get what he wants, he befriends the young, trusting Marina, the daughter of the murdered Estevao. Set in Sao Paulo, the story points to the violence which is an everyday part of life in the big city, as a backdrop to the portrayal of friendship, power, ambition and betrayal. The film won Best Director, Best Music, Best Actor and the Critics' Award at the Brazilian Film Festival, and Best Film from the Latin-American film jury at the Berlin IFF.

IFF Karlovy Vary 2002


A searing indictment of greed at all levels, the film zeroes in on upper-class urban paranoia in a society long plagued by a severe gap between rich and poor. A leader among a new generation of directors who have re-estabished the international importance of Brazilian cinema, Brant, an expert visual storyteller, summons a world where corruption oozes from every corner, and transcendence bubbles up only fleetingly. Pumped up with a hypnotic rap score, the highly polished The Trespasser triumphs both as gripping entertainment and keen socialm commentary.

Caroline Libresco, FF Sundance 2002

Beto Brant, born in 1964 in São Paulo, studied film at Fundacao Amrando Alvares Penreado in São Paulo. His short films Aurora (1987), Where Is Meneghetti (1989, Dov´e Meneghetti) and Eternity (1991, Eternidad) won a number of awards at Brazilian film festivals, and the black-and-white film Job (1993) won the prize for Best Short Film at the Havana IFF. The feature Friendly Fire (1998, Ação Entre Amigos) won Best Actor at the Chicago IFFand was screened in competition at the Venice IFF in 1998 and the Rotterdam IFF in 1999.


1987 Aurora (kr.m. / short film)

1989 Dov'e Meneghetti / Where Is Meneghetti (kr.m. / short film)

1991 Eternidad / Eternity (kr.m. / short film)

1993 Job (kr.m. / short film)

1997 Os matadores / Belly Up

1998 Strzelając do przyjaciół / Ação entre amigos / Friendly Fire

2002 Intruz / O invasor / The Trespasser

2005 Zbrodnia intymna / Crime delicado / Delicate Crime

2007 Cão sem dono (współreż. / co-dir.)

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