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Carlota Joaquina, Princess of Brazil

Carla Camurati
Carlota Joaquina – Princesa do Brazil
Brasil 1995 / 100’

Portugal 1808. The Portuguese court is threatened by Napoleon's armies and the British crown's expansionist desires. After squandering the country's fortune, Don João packs his court into several caravels and crosses the Atlantic to Brazil. The royal family is filled with consternation at the sight of Brazil's many races, living south of the equator in an atmosphere of mutual tolerance. They face grave difficulties trying to assert the authority of European royalty in their new land. Don João acts like a monarch. Dona Carlota experiences a passionate romance with a young black man, her racial prejudices notwithstanding. She conceives one child after another.

Berlin IFF 1997

Carlota Joaquina, Princess of Brazil is the film that might have resulted if Monty Python had attempted to recount the history of 18th century Brazil. Defying classification, this surreal historical comedy, told like a fairy tale, is currently the top-ranking film on its home turf.

Though there are no real heroes or heroines in this earthy chronicle of power and plunder, some of the grandeur of Brazil's first rulers appears through all their ridiculous clowning and unbridled lusts.

Deborah Young, Variety

Carla Camurati was born in 1960 in Rio de Janeiro. Actress, director and biology teacher. She had a successful career on television working in soap operas (Sol de Verão, Livre para Voar i Fera Radical). In 1987 she won the Kikito prize for her role in Eternamente Pagu. Her first success as a director was Carlota Joaquina, Princesa do Brazil (1995). In 2001 Carla directed Copapcabana, starred by Marco Nanini.


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1995 Carlota Joaquina, Princesa do Brazil / Carlota Joaquina, Princess of Brazil

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2001 Copacabana

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