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São Paulo S.A.

Luis Person
Brasil 1965 / 107’

Cinema Novo in its second wave turned to urban themes and anti-illusionist depictions of the middle-class. Săo Paulo, S/A, its title a pun-S/A means both Incorporated and Anonymous Society (Sociedade Anonim)-deals with the alienated labor and loves of Carlos, an upwardly mobile manager in an automotive parts factory. Eventually, Carlos marries, has children, a home-all things he is meant to want, but doesn't. Lacking, paradoxically, the freedom of marginality afforded their impoverished forbears like Antônio das Mortes or the wife in Porto das Caixas, bourgeois characters are trapped in their success.

Steve Seid, Cinema Novo and Beyond

Luiz Sergio Person (1936-1976) was an actor, writer, director and producer, he worked also as a commercial director and journalist. He established one of the most solid bodies of work in Brazilian cinema with only five feature films. The most famous of them is São Paulo S.A. (1965), which stands among the ten most important in Brazilian cinematography. His next film The Case of the Naves Brothers was the most courageous cry against the height of the military dictatorship, which was installed in 1964.With aspirations to enlarge the Brazilian film market, Person was one of the creators of Independent Producers Reunion, pioneering initiative of cooperative distribution.


1957 Um Marido Barra-Limpa

1961 L'ottimista sorridente

1965 São Paulo S.A.

1967 O caso dos irmãos Naves / Case of the Naves Brothers

1968 Panca de Valente

1968 Trilogia de terror / Trilogy of Terror (współreż. / co-dir.)