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The Song of Sparrows

Majid Majidi
Avaze gonjeshk – ha
Iran 2008 / 96’

One day Karim goes into town to get his daughter's hearing aid repaired. He gives a man a ride on the back of his motorbike in return for a fee. In view of the relatively good sum this earns him he decides to continue this taxi service on a regular basis. Every day he rides into town, bringing back with him all kinds of rummage - old furniture, car parts and such like. His contact with the city dwellers and the way of life there changes Karim's personality. Bit by bit his pretty little courtyard is transformed into an ugly, uncomfortable storeroom.
At one time, Karim was a friendly and generous man - now he is rapacious and only interested in his junk, and hardly has any time left for his family. He is oblivious to his wife's problems, but, when he sees her give a poor neighbour a door, he shows no pity but retrieves the door from the neighbour and puts it back with the rest of his old rubbish. Then one night when he is sorting out his second-hand goods, he falls off a pile of junk and breaks his foot. Obliged to take to his sickbed, he watches his wife and children struggle to earn a living and sees with his own eyes just how much support they receive from the neighbours during this difficult time.


IFF Berlin 2008


Majid Majidi was born in Tehran in 1959 where he appeared in amateur productions before completing his studies at the Academy of Dramatic Arts. He began making his own short films and documentaries in the 1980s. In 1992 he made his first feature film, since which time he has made a name for himself as one of his country's most significant directors. His Children of Heaven was nominated for an Academy Award in 1997.

Selected filmography:

1981 Enfejar (kr.m. / short)

1992 Baduk

1997 Dzieci niebios / Bacheha-ye aseman / Children of Heaven

1999 Kolory raju / Rang-e khoda / The Colour of Paradise

2001 Deszcz / Baran / Rain

2008 Pieśń wróbli / Avaze gonjeshk-ha / The Song of Sparrows

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