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Lorna’s Silence

Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne
Le silence de Lorna
Belgium, France, Italy 2008 / 105’

In order to become the owner of a snack bar with her boyfriend, Lorna, a young Albanian woman living in Belgium becomes an accomplice to a diabolical plan devised by mobster Fabio.
Fabio has orchestrated a sham marriage between her and Claudy. The marriage allows her to obtain Belgian citizenship and then marry a Russian Mafioso willing to pay a lot of money to acquire the same quickly. However, for this second marriage to be possible, Fabio has planned to kill Claudy. Will Lorna keep silent?

Cannes IFF 2008


One of our assistants went to Pristina, Skopje and Tirana in order to audition about one hundred professional and non-professional young actresses. We selected Arta Dobroshi. We went to Sarajevo, where she lives, to meet her and we filmed her with our DV camera for a whole day. We filmed her walking, running, singing and also playing in scenes like those in our movie. She was amazingly beautiful and natural.

Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne

Jean-Pierre Dardenne was born in Engis (Belgium) in April 1951. Luc Dardenne was born in Awirs (Belgium) in March 1954. They have made several documentaries. In 1975, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne founded the production company Derives which has since produced some sixty documentaries, including their own. In 1994, they founded the production company Les Films du Fleuve. They gained two Golden Palms in 1999 for Rosetta and in 2005 for The Child.

Selected filmography:

1982 Leçons d'une université volante (dok. / doc.)

1987 Il court..... il court le monde (kr. m. / short)

1987 Falsch

1992 Je pense à vous / I Think of You

1996 Obietnica / La promesse / The Promise

1999 Rosetta

2002 Syn / Le fils / The Son

2005 Dziecko / L'enfant / The Child

2008 Milczenie Lorny / Le silence de Lorna / Lorna's Silence

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