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Frontier of Dawn

Philippe Garrel
La frontière de l’aube
France, Italy 2008 / 106’

Carole is a movie star, she lives alone. Her husband works in Hollywood and neglects her.
A photograph comes to her place to do a reporting on her. They become lovers. They live in the hotel in which François settles his shootings during two weeks, stopping by Carole's place once in a while.

Cannes IFF 2008


My friend gave me a novel by Théophile Gautier, Spirite, the story of a woman who appears in a mirror after killing herself and summons a man to the afterlife. In Gautier's story, she had never met the man. She fantasized about him, entered a convent and committed suicide the day she realized she would never have him. I thought this tale of an apparition was very beautiful but at the same time, not very cinematographic. Then I started thinking about telling the story of a woman committing suicide, reappearing in a mirror and luring towards death the man she had an unhappy affair with. I am a rationalist but I think the supernatural is a rich vein in cinema.

Philippe Garrel

Philippe Garrel was born on 6th April 1948, the son of actor Maurice Garnel. He made his debut as a director and scriptwriter with the 15-minute long film Lés Enfants Désaccordés (1964). In 1969, he started working with a singer, Nico, and they recorded a song entitled The Falconer for the film Le Lit de la Vierge, as well as working together again later on other productions. In 1982, he was given the Jean Vigo Award for L'Enfant Secret. His films Wild Innocence of 2001 and Les amants réguliers of 2005 received awards at a festival in Venice.

Selected filmography:

1964 Les enfants désaccordés (kr.m. / short)

1969 Le lit de la vierge

1979 L'enfant secret

1983 Liberté, la nuit

1988 Les baisers de secours / Emergency Kisses

1990 J'entends plus la guitare / I Don't Hear the Guitar Anymore

1993 Narodziny miłości / La naissance de l'amour / The Birth of Love

1998 Powiew nocy / Le vent de la nuit / Night Wind

2001 Dzika niewinność / Sauvage innocence / Wild Innocence

2004 Zwyczajni kochankowie / Les amants réguliers / Regular Lovers

2008 Granica świtu / La frontière de l'aube / Frontier of Dawn

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