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Four Nights with Anna

Jerzy Skolimowski
Poland, France 2008 / 87’

Leon Okrasa works a hospital in a small city in Poland. He once witnessed a brutal rape. The victim, Anna, is now a young nurse in the same hospital. Leon spends his time spying on Anna day and night. It becomes an obsession. One night, he climbs into her apartment through a window she has left open. Leon sits on her bed, watching her in her sleep, immersing himself in her world. How far will he go?

Cannes IFF 2008


In Skolimowski's film, there are hardly any words. Adam Sikora's camera observes every man's move, every grimace on his face and every glance. The film that appears to be a record of obsession at the beginning, later on evolves into a beautiful story about love for a woman, who, although ordinary, is an unattainable dream. However, it is also a story about fear, solitude, longing and desires, which will never come true. A humble and coarse man has reserves of sensitivity, which the world does not want from him.

Barbara Hollender, Rzeczpospolita

Jerzy Skolimowski born in 1938 in Lodz, is one of the most important figures of Polish cinema. Director of more than 20 movies since the beginning of the 60's, he have created many masterpices of history, in Poland (Identification Marks: None, Walkover, Barrier), in Belgium (Le départ), in the United-Kingdom (Deep End, Moonlighting) and in the United-States (Lightship). His new movie, shot in Poland, mark the return of a cinema master.

Selected filmography:

1964 Rysopis / Identification Marks: None

1965 Walkower / Walkover

1966 Bariera / Barrier

1967 Ręce do góry / Hands Up

1967 Start / Le départ

1970 Na samym dnie / Deep End

1982 Fucha / Moonlighting

1985 Latarniowiec / Lightship

1991 Ferdydurke / 30 Door Key

2008 Cztery noce z Anną / Four Nights with Anna