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Black Sun

Krzysztof Zanussi
Il sole nero
Italy, France 2007 / 104’

Based on the drama by Rocco Familiari, Black Sun is rooted in the facts of an event that transpired two decades ago. Agata and Manfredi is a young couple in Catania, deeply in love and growing happier as time goes by. When Manfredi is shot and killed, Agata emerges from her shock with a desire for vengeance. Once she identifies the murderer herself, she methodically seduces him in distrustful of a justice system that veers towards leniency and inaction. Almost filosoghical in tone and rich in symbolism, the film is universal with its idealistic romance and vows of "forever" while being simultaneously singular. Valeria Golino as Agata turns in a performance that conveys the hope and drive of a woman on a path towards tragedy.

Pusan IFF 2007


Agata and Manfredi are like angels, and angels don't follow the latest fashion when getting dressed. In fact, it is not even necessary to be dressed at all when what we are talking about is an innocence that is not of this world. Agata and Manfredi are very beautiful, very much in love and… very naked. During the rehearsals on the day before shooting began I explained to Valeria Golino and Lorenzo Balducci my personal understanding of the concept of innocence . They only discovered they were required to act in the nude on the first day of shooting.

Krzysztof Zanussi

Krzysztof Zanussi, born in 1939 in Warsaw, he studied physics and philosophy at Warsawa University and film directing at Lodz Film School. His directing career began in 1966 and he has directed for cinema, television and theatre. His filmography many acclaimed pictures: The Structure of Crystal, Illumination, Camouflage, The Contract, Paradigma, The Year of the Quiet Sun, In Full Gallop.

Selected filmography:

1969 Struktura kryształtu/ The Structure of Crystal

1972 Iluminacja/ Illumination

1976 Barwy ochronne/ Camouflage

1978 Spirala/ Spiral

1985 Paradygmat, czyli potęga zła/ Paradigma

1984 Rok spokojnego słońca/ The Year of the Quiet Sun

1992 Dotknięcie ręki/ The Silent Touch

1995 Cwał/ In Full Gallop

2000 Życie jako śmiertelna choroba przenoszona drogą płciową/ Life As the Fatal Sexually Transmitted Disease

2007 Czarne słońce/ Il sole nero/ Black Sun