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The Karamazov Brothers

Petr Zelenka
Czech Republic, Poland 2008 / 110’

A theatre company from Prague arrives in Cracow to present a stage adaptation of Dostoevsky's novel The Brothers Karamazov at the city's alternative drama festival; the production is to be staged in an unusual venue - the local steelworks. As rehearsals get under way, we follow not only the emotional story examining issues of faith, immortality and the salvation of the human soul, but also the relationships within the acting troupe itself, which strangely reflect Dostoevsky's "great" themes. The stage drama is transferred to the real world when a tragedy occurs during rehearsal involving one of the spectators... "My interest lies in the responsibility of the intellectual for the ideas he himself proclaims to a society which has lost its faith in God and thus also its basic moral instincts," says director Petr Zelenka. In both his chosen theme and form, the filmmaker has come up with an exceptional piece, oscillating between fiction and documentary and centred on the successful production presented by Prague's Dejvice Theatre. The play was directed by Lukáš Hlavica and based on the famous dramatisation by Evald Schorm at Na zábradlí theatre.

Karlovy Vary IFF 2008

Petr Zelenka (born in 1967 in Prague) studied scriptwriting and dramaturgy at FAMU and then worked as a script editor at Barrandov film studios. He made his award-winning feature debut Buttoners, Year of the Devil (2002 - Crystal Globe at the KVIFF) and an adaptation of his own stage play which won the prestigious Alfréd Radok prize, Wrong Side Up (2005).


1996 Mnága - Happy End

1997 Guzikowcy / Knoflíkári / The Button-Pinchers

1997 Jak se žije komparsistům podle Petra Zelenky

2000 Powers (kr.m. / short)

2002 Rok diabła / Rok dábla / Year of the Devil

2005 Opowieści o zwyczajnym szaleństwie / Príbehy obycejného sílenství / Wrong Side Up

2008 Bracia Karamazow / Karamazovi / The Karamazov Brothers

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