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Help Me Eros

Lee Kang-sheng
Bangbang wo aishen
Tajwan 2007 / 103’

Following a severe economic slump, Ah Jie loses everything on the stock market. He spends his days sealed in his apartment, smoking joints and looking after the marijuana plants that he secretly grows in his wardrobe. In desperation, he calls a suicide helpline and gets to know Chyi, whose sweet and gentle voice causes him to fall in love with his fantasized image of her. He tries to ask her out but is repeatedly rejected. He projects his fantasy of Chyi onto Shin, the new girl working in the betelnut stall downstairs. They're very close and the two of them soon dive into a world of erotic and psychedelic pleasures… At the same time, Ah Jie begins to stalk Chyi…

Venice IFF 2007


Best known as a lead actor in some of the masterpieces of new Taiwanese cinema - including multiple collaborations with Tsai Ming-liang - Lee Kang-sheng is back in the director's chair with the cool and accomplished Help Me Eros. While portraying the vices and malaise of a materialist global society where feelings dwell in a virtual realm of fantasy, the film is clearly made specifically in Taiwan.

Giovanna Fulvi, Toronto IFF 2007

Lee Kang-sheng was born in 1968 in Taipei. He became well known for starring in films by Tsai Ming-liang, including: The River, The Hole, What Time Is It There?, The Wayward Cloud and I Don't Want to Sleep Alone. He has also acted in Lin Cheng-sheng and Ann Hui films. He made his feature directorial debut with the acclaimed The Missing.


2003 Zaginiony / Bu jian / The Missing

2007 Bangbang wo aishen / Help Me Eros

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