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On War

Bertrand Bonello
De la guerre
France 2008 / 130’

After spending a regrettable night in a coffin, Bertrand reviews his life and decides to withdraw to a remote, mysterious place, the Kingdom. He is welcomed by Uma, for whom the attaining of pleasure and joy amounts to a war to be waged against the modern world. So Bertrand lets himself go and decides to become a warrior.

Cannes IFF 2008

Bertrand Bonello was born in 1968. He came to the cinema by way of music. His first feature, Quelque chose d'organique / Something Organic (1998), was screened at the Berlin Film Festival. After two other features and a short shown in different Cannes sections, he releases My New Picture, an album accompanied by a film, in 2007.


1996 Qui je suis (dok. / doc.)

1998 Quelque chose d'organique / Something Organic

2001 Le Pornographe / The Pornographer

2002 The Adventures of James and David (k.m. / short)

2003 Tiresia

2005 Cindy: The Doll Is Mine (k.m. / short)

2007 My New Picture (k.m. / short)

2008 O wojnie / De la guerre / On War

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