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Jesus Christ Saviour

Peter Geyer
Jesus Christus Erlöser
Germany 2008 / 84’

Berlin's Deutschlandhalle on 20 November, 1971. The lonely figure of Kinski appears in the spotlight on an empty stage to recite his own text, Jesus Christus Erlöser. The performance marks the realisation of a project which had preoccupied him for more than ten years. Peter Geyer's film is a unique document, not just about a generation that was questioning authority, that had a difficult relationship to art, that no longer wanted to listen but wanted too discuss - but also about an artist at a particular point in his career.

IFF Berlin 2007


A real revelation of the Berlin festival was the famous 1970s performance of Jesus Christ Saviour by Klaus Kinski. This famous monologue by Kinski turned into a verbal battle with his audience, a spontaneous happening where the police had to intervene. A film recording of the scandalising actor was kept in the archives of the actor, and his biographer Peter Geyer has edited the material and made a film lasting an hour and a half, which premiered at the festival in Berlin. Today the film's effect has enormous strength, like a shock wave has returned from that epoch.

Tadeusz Sobolewski, Gazeta Wyborcza

Peter Geyer , born in Stuttgart inh 1966, he studied law in Tubingen. He has been the executor of Klaus Kinski's estate since 1999. His biography, Klaus Kinski, was Publisher In 2006. He also published Kinski's Jesus Christus Erlöser und Fieber - Tagebuch eines Aussätzigen in the same year.


2008 Jesus Christus Erlöser / Jesus Christ Savior

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