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Eat, for This Is My Body

Michelange Quay
France, null 2007 / 105’

Eat, for This Is My Body is powerful and lyrical surrealism. A political and allegorical pamphlet about Haiti, the fatherland of director Michelange Quay's parents. That is the country to which the minutes long majestic opening scene of Eat... leads us. From the blue ocean, we fly in, over housing on the coast, over a slum neighbourhood, getting deeper and deeper into the country, to an old plantation. Quay focuses on the colonial heritage, on the age old contradictions - 'relations' - between black and white. In a large house, we see in stylised, melancholy tableaux vivants for instance the poetic considerations of a very pale old lady on her sick bed. Later, her daughter receives a group of young black kids. The servant mysteriously changes into an albino.

Rotterdam IFF 2008


Michelange Quay's shocking feature debut is a quiet, steady study in power. If it unnerves and even outrages some viewers, that only shows how potent the twin forces of race and sex still are. Quay, who made his reputation with a transgressive short film called L'Évangile du cochon créole (The Gospel of the Creole Pig), again finds rich material in his native Haiti. Distilled from the narratives of slavery, liberation, recolonization and Vodoun - known colloquially as voodoo - this is a critically important new look at how power flows between black and white.

Toronto IFF 2007

Michelange Quay was born in 1974 in New York City. He studied anthropology and filmmaking at the University of Miami and received his M.F.A. in directing at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. His short The Gospel of the Creole Pig was awarded at festivals in Locarno, Stockholm, Milan, Rio de Janeiro, São Paolo, Turin and Tokyo.


1996 Myth of Seus (kr.m. / short)

1998 Forty Days (kr.m. / short)

2002 Qu'on leur donne des yo-yo / Let Them Eat Yoyos (kr.m. / short)

2004 L'Évangile du cochon créole / The Gospel of the Creole Pig (kr.m. / short)

2007 Jedzcie, to jest bowiem ciało moje / Mange, ceci est mon corps / Eat, for This Is My Body

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