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Soul of a Demon

Chang Tso-chi
Tajwan 2007 / 122’

Che went to prison for his brother, Ren, who stabbed to death the son of Shun, the local gangster boss. While Che served three years in prison, Ren fled to Japan. When he was in Japan, Ren lived with his father, who left the family a long time ago. On his release, Che returns to the little coastal town Nanfangoa where he grew up. No sooner does Che arrive than he discovers that his father, Chang, has returned after having spent twenty years in Japan; his brother, Ren has also come back. Chang has some unfinished business with Shun. Che embarks on a journey with an ex-girlfriend who has not spoken since experiencing a certain traumatic event. They travel to the island of Lanyu where Che's mother is buried. Che's mother was an islander; she was never able to get over her husband leaving her. Che's journey is a trip down memory lane. Images of his childhood, as well as long-forgotten traditional rituals that took place in his mother's family are conjured up, and he is seized by a profound sense of loneliness. His mother appears to him in a dream, wishing him a long life. He returns to Nanfangao, where the situation has come to a head.

Berlin IFF 2008

Chang Tso-chi was born in Jiayi, Taiwan in 1961. He graduated as an engineer before taking up film studies. Before having directed his own films, he worked as an assistant director to Yu Kan-Ping, Yim Ho, Tsui Hark and Hou Hsiao- Hsien..


1996 Chungtsai / Ah Chung

1999 Heian Chihkuang / Darkness and Light

2001 Meili Shihkuang / The Best of Times

2007 Hu-Tieh / Soul of a Demon