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Continental, a Film without Guns

Stéphane Lafleur
Continental, un film sans fusil
Canada 2007 / 103’

A Man wakes up on a bus. Everyone has left. He gets off the bus, and finds himself alone. After much hesitation, the Man enters the forest, disappearing into the darkness.
Continental, a Film without Guns features four characters whose lives will be affected by that Man's disappearance. Lucette, his wife, who anxiously awaits his return. Louis, a young father whose relationship with his wife is going through confusing times. Chantal , a hotel receptionist who dreams of sharing her life with someone else. And Marcel, an ex-gambler confronted by the realities of aging. Although told separately, these stories end up intersecting and mirroring each other.
IFF Venice 2007


With incisive humour and compassion, Lafleur explores the ways our desires make us vulnerable - to a stranger claiming they saw our missing spouse, to those who won't ask us to dance, to those who say no.

Lafleur is in complete control of the intricate story and its singular tone. The cast beautifully externalizes the humanity Lafleur finds in us all, showing it to be funny, flawed and brave.

Marguerite Pigott, IFF Toronto 2007

Stéphane Lafleur is a founding member of Kino, a Montreal-based filmmaking collective. He has edited numerous documentaries, television shows and music videos. His debut short film, Karaoke (99), showed at the Festival in Toronto and won a special citation in the best Canadian short film competition. It was followed by shorts Snooze (02) and Claude. (co-director, 05). Continental, un film sans fusil (07) is his first feature film.


1999 Karaoke (kr.m. / short)

2002 Snooze (kr.m. / short)

2005 Claude (kr.m. / short, współreż. / co-dir.)

2007 Continental, film bez broni / Continental, un film sans fusil / Continental, a Film without Guns

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