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Set Maori Shorts



New Zeland 2006 / 11’

director:Mike Jonathon
screenplay:Tere Harrison
cinematography:Matt Meikle
music:Rio Hemopo, Dave Whitehead
cast:Orewa Wilson Lawrence, Lucy Cook, Marama Emery,
producer:Libby Hakaraia
production:Chain Of Title Films Limited
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission

A story of a young girl's attempt to find her identity in a new world and her father's efforts to support her.


New Zeland 1995 / 15’

director:Christine Parker
screenplay:Christine Parker
cinematography:Simon Raby
music:Peter Scholes
cast:Rima Te Wiata, Rena Owen, Minette Meder
producer:Caterina De Nave
production:Oceania Parker Films
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission
language:English, Maori

A young woman known as The Apprentice discovers her own power once she contacts her spirit guide. Based on a short story by Booker prize-winning author Keri Hulme.


New Zeland 1995 / 13’

director:Poata Eurera
screenplay:Poata Eruera
cinematography:Rewa Harre
music:John Diamond
cast:Cliff Curtis, George Henare, Lawrence Wharerau, Colin Welsh, Martyn Sanderson
producer:James Wallace
production:James Wallace Productions
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission

On returning to his Marae, Mana finds conflict between traditional values and contemporary reality. He argues that more attention is being paid to honouring and burying the dead rather than caring for the living. A suicide brings matters to a head.

Tama Tu

New Zeland 2004 / 18’

director:Taika Waititi
screenplay:Taika Waititi
cinematography:Adam Clark
cast:Tammy Davis, Taungaroa Emile, Rob Mokaraka, Jarod Rawiri
producer:Cliff Curtis, Ainsley Gardiner
production:AIO Productions
source of print:awards: Berlin IFF 2005 - Panorama Special Jury Short Film Award, Sundance FF 2005 - Filmmaking Award - wyróżnienie honorowe / Honorable Mention

Young Maori Battalion soldiers wait for night to fall in the ruins of a war-torn Italian home. Forced into silence, they keep themselves amused as any boys would, with jokes and laughter. As they try and ignore the reminders of war around them, a sign brings them back to the world of the dying.

Te Ao Kapurangi

New Zeland 2001 / 9’

director:Tama Poata
screenplay:Tama Poata
cinematography:Fred Renata
cast:Stephanie Grace, Lawrence Wharerau, Ace Renata Welsh, Tama Kirikiri, Tony Arahangi
producer:Robin Murphy
production:Te Hokioi Film Company
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission

Te Ao Kapurangi. Warrior Woman is a period film depicting an episode of the 'musket wars' between indigenous Maori tribes who take advantage of new warfare technology supplied by British colonialists. Upon her father's death, Te Ao takes on the responsibility of saving her tribe from the invading Nga Puhi. Although the battle seems weighted in their favour, Te Ao proves that firearms are no match for her intelligence and courage.

Te Po Uriuri

New Zeland 2001 / 14’

director:Toby Mills
screenplay:Toby Mills
cinematography:Waka Attewell
music:Moana Maniapoto, Hirini Melbourne
cast:Wetini Mitai, Wairemana Campbell, Wi Kuki Kaa, Mina Mitaingatai, Ngatai Rangihou
producer:Norman Elder, Toby Mills
production:Independent, General Productions
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission

A young warrior becomes dangerously obsessed when his lover, a high-born Chief's daughter, marries her arranged husband

The King Boys

New Zeland 2006 / 15’

director:Christopher Clark
screenplay:Christopher Clark
cast:Rangi Ngamoki
producer:Fraser Clark
production:Chameleon Films
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission

A boy wrestles to resurrect his family's buried dream. Clinging to the memory of his father who never returned from the war, a boy suffers the moods of his shell shocked uncle. But when he uncovers a buried family legacy, the boy takes over his father's mantel in an effort to make his family happy once more.

Two Cars, One Night

New Zeland 2003 / 11’

director:Taika Waititi
screenplay:Taika Waititi
cinematography:Adam Clark
music:Craig Sengelow
cast:Rangi Ngamoki, Hutini Waikato, Te Ahiwaru Ngamoki-Richards, Waka Riwai, Dion Waikato
producer:Ainsley Gardiner, Catherine Fitzgerald
production:Defender Films
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission
awards:nominacja do Oscara 2005 dla najlepszego filmu krótkometrażowego / Oscar Nomination 2005 - Best Short Film, Berlin IFF 2004 - Panorama Short Film Award, Seattle IFF 2004 - najlepszy film krótkometrażowy / Best Short Film

Two Cars, One Night is a tale of first love. Romeo and his brother Ed, sit in the car waiting for their parents to come out of the pub. This is their world, a place inhabited by adults and alcohol. It is in this environment that we also meet Polly, an eleven-year-old girl who arrives with her parents. She too is made to wait in the car while they go into the pub, maybe even to drink with Romeo and Ed's mum and dad.

Wog Features

New Zeland 1990 / 8’

director:Lisa Reihana
screenplay:Lisa Reihana
cinematography:George Reihana, Lisa Reihana, Ashely Turner
music:George Hubbard
cast:Sian Bourhill, Jude Folkard, Selina Forsythe, Janina Gray, Keng Lim, George Reiahna, Lisa Reihana
producer:Lisa Reihana
production:Lisa Reihana
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission

An eight minute film which reprimands the view that all dark skinned people look and think the same way... Wog Features uses graphics, pop culture, iconography and stereotyopical images such as golliwogs to attack racism, sexism and the excesses of capitalism.