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Set Comic Moments


Chop Off

New Zeland 2006 / 5’

director:Grant LaHood
screenplay:Grant LaHood
cinematography:Simon Riera
music:Plan 9
cast:Kyle Lemon, Corey Wilkins
producer:Grant LaHood
production:Granite Pictures
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission

Chop Off centres on an epic wood-chopping battle between young and old.


New Zeland 2001 / 12’

director:Michael Bennett
screenplay:Michael Bennett
cinematography:Warrick Waka Attewell
music:Nigel Gaven
cast:Ian Mune, Martyn Sanderson
producer:production: 53 Productions
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission

It is the story of two men and a cow lost at sea, and in search of land. For the two men adrift on an endless ocean with their cow, an unfortunate Act of God sets off an escalating series of events that propel their friendship towards chaos and disaster. The story is told without dialogue, the characters "talking" to each other only through the playing of their guitars.


New Zeland 2003 / 14’

director:Adam Stevens
screenplay:Adam Stevens
cinematography:Stephen Latty
cast:Jeremy Randerson
producer:Mark Foster
production:Robber's Dog Films
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission

A documentary account of a fictitious, unexpected discovery on board of a fishing trawler. A crew of seamen come face to face with a mystery of the deep that will leave its mark on their lives forever.

Fish Out of Water

New Zeland 2005 / 9’

director:Lala Rolls
screenplay:Stephanie Rountree
cast:James Ashcroft, Macgregor Cameron, Nick Dunbar
producer:Natalie Crane
production:Deep End Productions
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission

A young man rows to work to escape the rush hour mayhem, but where can he go when it follows him onto the water?


New Zeland 2006 / 11’

director:Damon Fepulea'I
screenplay:Damon Fepulea'I
producer:Rachel Jean
production:Isola Productions
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission

When Colin commits what he thinks is a harmless crime, he inadvertently sets in motion a chain of events and soon discovers that what goes round certainly does come round.


New Zeland 2003 / 5’

director:Patrick Gillies
screenplay:Patrick Gillies
cinematography:John Chrisstoffels
music:Patrick Shepherd
producer:Melissa Dodds
production:Environmentally Hazardous Films Ltd, New Zealand Film Commission
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission

The story of a man, his cat, and those final seconds when your life flashes before your eyes.

Signing Off

New Zeland 1996 / 15’

director:Robert Sarkies
screenplay:Robert Sarkies
cinematography:Stephen Downes
music:Bruce Lynch
cast:David Corballis, Pamela Pow, Paul Barrett
producer:Lisa Chatfield
production:Nightmare Productions, The Dunedin City Council.
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission
awards:Montréal World FF 1997 - pierwsza nagroda / First Prize, Valladolid IFF 1997 - Silver Spike

It's Walter Perryman's final hour on the airwaves. He promises to play a special listener a special request. But he accidently drops the record out the window....

Snail's Pace

New Zeland 1989 / 4’

director:Grant LaHood
screenplay:Grant LaHood
cinematography:Richard Bluck
music:Michelle Scullion
cast:Liz Mullane, Iain Rea, Alexi Ruth, Mike McLeod, Julian Rowe, Mahendra Patel, Andrew Taylor, Maggie Mouat
producer:Grant LaHood
production:Grant LaHood
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission

Uses time lapse photography to show the world from a snail's perspective as it sets off on an epic adventure to claim a faraway lettuce.

The Platform

New Zeland 2001 / 4’

director:Robin Walters
screenplay:Brett Ihaka
cinematography:: James Cowley
music:Dave Whitehead
cast:Peter Feeney, Katrina Browne, Craig Hall
producer:Jack Sainte-Rose
production:Orbital Film Ltd
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission
awards:Valladolid IFF 2001 - Silver Spike

The Platform is about a train that never arrives and a man who discovers why.

Valley of the Stereos

New Zeland 1992 / 15’

director:George Port
screenplay:Costa Botes, George Port, Peter Jackson, Danny Mulheron
cinematography:Richard Bluck
cast:Danny Mulheron, Murray Keane
producer:James Booth, Peter Jackson
production:Wingnut Films
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission

Peace loving hippy is into meditation, tai chi, wind power and recording nature sounds. His tranquillity is shattered when his new neighbour moves in. The new neighbour is a beer drinking, heavy metal slob who gets around in leopard skin briefs sporting long blonde shaggy hair.