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Set Kiwi Gothic


A Moment Passing

New Zeland 2001 / 6’

director:Charlie De Salis
screenplay:Charlie De Salis
cinematography:Simon Raby
cast:Michael Hurst, Michael Dwyer
producer:Steve Sachs
production:Top Story Productions, Rocket Pictures Ltd., New Zealand Film Commission Short Film Fund
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission
awards:FF Dresden 1998 - Najlepszy Film Krótkometrażowy - Wyróżnienie Specjalne / Best Short Film - Honorable Mention

Joey and Will make a dawn pilgrimage to fish on the wild and brooding coast. Swept into the sea by a sudden wave, Joey desperately fights for his life - a struggle with a savagely unexpected outcome.

Kitchen Sink

New Zeland 1989 / 14’

director:Alison MacLean
screenplay:Alison MacLean
cinematography:Stuart Dryburgh
music:The Headless Chickens
cast:Theresa Healey, Peter Tait, Annagretta Christian
producer:Bridget Ikin
production:The Hibiscus Films, New Zealand Film Commission's Short Film Fund
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission
awards:Fantasporto 1990 - International Fantasy Film Award, ISFF Tampere 1990 - Grand Prix

It's a dark little fable about fear and desire - about a woman who refashions a monster into a man, and finds herself falling for her creation. A Pygmalion- type story, with the genders reversed.

Larger Than Life

New Zeland 1997 / 13’

director:Ellory Elkayem
screenplay:Ellory Elkayem
cinematography:Chris White
music:Byron Smith
cast:Rebecca Hobbs, Jeremy Callaghan
producer:Jeremy Selkirk
production:Chopper Films
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission

Jo has purchased an old villa in the suburbs. While settling in, she discovers a problem in her bathroom. Spiders. Jo hates spiders. She decides to call a professional. When the pest control man investigates, he opens a pandora's box of terror and mayhem. Jo's worst fear is now Larger Than Life. Will she survive?

Nature's Way

New Zeland 2006 / 11’

director:Jane Shearer
screenplay:Jane Shearer, Steve Ayson
cast:Katrin O'Donnell, Matthew Sunderland
producer:Leanne Saunders
production:Severe Features Limited
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission

A young girl is murdered and left for dead deep in native forest. The murderer's first instincts tell him he'll get caught, but as time goes on he thinks he's got away with it. Unfortunately for him, first instincts are usually right.


New Zeland 1997 / 12’

director:Brad McGann
screenplay:Brad Mcgann
cinematography:Leon Narbey
music:Tom Bailey
cast:Martin Taylor, Stephen Papps, Eve-Marie Brandish, Alexia Verdonkschot
producer:Trevor Haysom
production:Trevor Haysom Enterprises
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission
awards:IFF Gijón 1997 - Grand Prix Asturia,

Even stray dogs remain elusive to Little Man, a nine year old boy, who seeks to understand the remote world around him. He finds refuge with Kid, his younger autistic sister who provides Little Man with a brief glimpse of another world. Set against isolated forest country, Possum is a timeless and touching fable which journeys into the nether-region of a child's imagination, a place where myth and reality become blurred.

The French Doors

New Zeland 2001 / 15’

The Hole

New Zeland 1997 / 12’

director:Brian Challis
screenplay:Brian Challis
cinematography:Adam Clark
music:Blair Fleming
cast:Nicky Murphy, Scott Willis
producer:Brian Challis, Ainsley Gardiner, Scott Wills
production:Apocalypse Films
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission

When Dean and Jenny go drilling for water, they dig up more than they bargained for. The well is empty, but there is definitely something down there ...

The Singing Trophy

New Zeland 1993 / 13’

director:Grant Lahood
screenplay:Grant Lahood
cinematography:Mike Fuller
music:Michelle Scallion
cast:Peter Tait, Don Langridge, Finn, Oscar
producer:John Keir
production:Keir & Cox, Film Commission Short Film Fund.
source of print:New Zealand Film Commission
awards:IFF Cannes 1993 - Wielka Nagroda Techniczna - Specjalne Wyróżnienie / Technical Grand Prize - Special Mention

In an old house deep in the New Zealand bush, an obsessed hunter has created a garish display of mounted animal trophies. At night, as his wheelchair- bound father and geriatric dog sleep, the deceased animals sing to him in choir like voices, Strauss' The Blue Danube.
But within this surreal menagerie of the mind the animal world conspires to thwart his efforts and he is faced with his greatest hunting challenge yet. A mouse.