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Watch Over Her

Dina Perlstein
Israel 2014 / 156’

Watch Over Her is a film that tells the story of Natalie Luntal, a press photographer who comes to Syria with a journalist delegation. What Natalie does not know is that her father is a Syrian Arab who has a strong position and from the moment she enters Syria, he has no intention of allowing her to return to the world. Natalie is going through her family and Jewish maturation journey, learning about the limits of modesty and freedom and the dark secrets of her family. The film is considered a breakthrough because of the combination of men and women in one film - this is why the ultra-Orthodox audience, which prefers women's films only, came out against the film.

Merlyn Vinig

Dina Perlstein

Born and raised in Bnei Brak, a member of a Belz Hasidic family. Her films formed the pioneer in the field of ultra-Orthodox cinema. At first, she produced films that combine stills and movies, and only later produced films. At the beginning of her career Perlstein served as director, screenwriter and editor of the film. Later, when the production of full-length feature films began, she shared additional staff. Perlstein's films are also intended for screening abroad, in English translation, and are usually characterized by aesthetics and relatively prestigious locations. Pearlstein finances her films from her private fortune and does not use the funds. In 2016 , in israel, she was awarded the Minister of Education Prize for Jewish Culture in Cinema.

Cast & Crew

director Dina Perlstein
screenplay Dina Perlstein
editing Yitzhak itzhayek
cast Gaya Taub, Rotem Zisman Cohen, Sharon Reginiano, Evelyn Hagoel
production The beauty of beauty
sales The beauty of beauty
colouration colour