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Through the Wall

Rama Burshtein
Laavor et hakir
Israel 2016 / 111’
The Burglar Tikkun

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish romantic comedy sounds like an oxymoron. Not for Rama Bursthein (Fill the Void), who is back with a romantic comedy whose main character is a Hasidic Jew. There have been plenty of films about Orthodox women, usually looking askance at them since it is difficult for non-religious people to penetrate these closed communities. While those who leave the community usually do so with very critical views. Burshtein's position is unique because she is an Orthodox Jew by choice and one of very few female directors from the community. She is familiar with the dilemmas facing young Hasidic women, for whom marriage is the most important task in life. By using the format of a romantic comedy, however, she gives viewers a closer look at this exotic world, showing it in a pop-culture way. I went out with 123 men, which is a total of 490 hours of dating, says Michal, making it clear that she has already had enough, just like millions of other thirtysomethings all over the world under pressure to get married. When she fails again, she decides to wait for a miracle-God can find her a fiancé. The question is only whether or not he wants to!

Ewa Szabłowska

Rama Burshtein

When she was 21 years old, Rama Burshtein moved from New York to Israel, where she graduated from the Sam Spiegel Film Academy. At the age of 25, she joined an Orthodox community in Jerusalem, where she co-founded a film collective dealing with the financing and production of films by Orthodox women. Her feature debut, Fill the Void, which she worked on for 15 years, premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2012 and went on to win 13 awards at festivals around the world.


2012 Wypełnić pustkę / Lemale et ha'halal / Fill the Void

2016 Przez ścianę / Laavor et hakir / Through the Wall

Cast & Crew

director Rama Burshtein
screenplay Rama Burshtein
cinematography Amir Yasour
editing Yael Hersonski
music Roy Edri
cast Noa Knoller, Amos Tamam, Oz Zahavi, Irit Sheleg, Ronny Merhavi, Dafi Alpern, Oded Leopold, Udi Pers, Jonathan Rosen
producer Assaf Amir
production The Match Factory
sales The Match Factory
language Hebrew
colouration colour