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In Between

Maysaloun Hamoud
Bar bahar
Israel, France  2016 / 96’
Haredi Women Cinema: lecture by Marlyn Vinig' Land of the Little People

Three Palestinians in one apartment in Tel Aviv. Laila, Salma, and Nour are able to function in Israeli society, but they are all aware of the differences between them and the Israelis. During the day, Laila works as a lawyer. At night, she likes to have a good time. Underground clubs, drugs, and no-strings sex are the norm for her. She becomes friends with Salma, who does not have a regular job. She works as a barmaid from time to time, and she also occasionally earns money as a DJ. She loves women, but her sexual identity remains a mystery to her family. Finally, Nour, a girl from a traditional Muslim family who wears a hijab, comes to Tel Aviv to finish her studies in Computer Science. In Palestinian director Maysaloun Hamoud's debut film, "being in between" refers not only to the tension between tradition and modernity that is characteristic of the Arab community in the Middle East, but the sense of alienation also applies to the ossified and anachronistic Israeli society, where tolerance and equality are, to put it mildly, fictions. The film was devoted to the memory of the diva of Israeli cinematography, director and actress Ronit Elkabetz, who died last year.

Joanna Ostrowska


Toronto IFF 2016 – NETPAC Award

Maysaloun Hamoud

Director and screenwriter Maysaloun Hamoud was born in Budapest and raised in Dir Hana in the north of Israel. She received a Bachelor's Degree in Middle East History from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She then studied film at the Minshar School of Art in Tel Aviv. She made her debut with the film In Between, which has won awards at numerous festivals, including TIFF 2016, the San Sebastián Film Festival 2016, and the Haifa International Film Festival 2016.


2009 Shades of Light (short)

2010 Sense of Morning (short)

2012 Salma (short)

2016 Pomiędzy / Bar bahar / In Between

Cast & Crew

director Maysaloun Hamoud
screenplay Maysaloun Hamoud
cinematography Itay Gross
editing Lev Golster, Nili Feller
music MG Saad
cast Mouna Hawa, Shaden Kanboura, Sana Jammalieh, Mahmoud Shalaby
producer Shlomi Elkabetz
production Deux Beaux Garcons Films, EnCompagnie des Lamas
sales Alma Cinema
language Hebrew, Arabic
colouration colour