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The Van Waveren Tapes

Wim van der Aar
De Van Waveren Tapes
Netherlands 2012 / 87’

Wim van der Aar found a box at a flea market with 29 tapes with over 60 hours of recordings containing the mystery of someone’s life that tell the unsettling tale of inadequacy, hopes and failure, along with a careful analysis, reminiscent of an expert detective investigation. All the elements combine into an experimental portrait of a lost human being. The images interweave, sometimes emanating eroticism while radiating insufferable tension at others, and bring to mind Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno and The Poughkeepsie Tapes in a hypnotic and emotionally powerful film.

Piotr Szcześniak

Wim van der Aar

Documentalist, born in 1964 in the Netherlands. Directed a plethora of award-winning commercials for international brands. As basis for his documentaries and other film projects he uses his collection of approximately 5000 amateur films. The Van Waveren Tapes, selected in 2012 for the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam, is his feature-length debut.

Selected filmography

2012 Taśmy van Waverena / De Van Waveren Tapes / The Van Waveren Tapes (doc.)

Prepared by: Piotr Szcześniak

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Cast & Crew

director Wim van der Aar
screenplay Wim van der Aar
cinematography Jasper Wolf
editing Govert Janse, Teun Rietveld
music Roald van Oosten
sound Roberto van Eijden
cast Patrick Marnham
producer Maarten Kuit, Wim van der Aar, Jeroen van den Idsert
production HazazaH Pictures, OX Film, Vrijzinnig Protestantse Radio Omroep (VPRO)
sales HazazaH Pictures
language Dutch
colouration colour & b&w