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The Informer

Rafał Kapeliński
Poland 2011 / 25’

The Pieniążeks are an ordinary family living on the outskirts of a small Polish town. Their neighbours are ex-Communists and make their lives a living hell. The Pieniążeks hope that the imminent publication of the list of all ex-informants of the Communist regime will bring about the long overdue justice: the guilty will be humiliated, the righteous awarded. But they are wrong.

Rafał Kapeliński

Born in Toruń in 1970. Director, screenwriter. He studied American literature at the Nicholas Copernicus University and trained at the London Film School. He is also a graduate of the Master of Business Administration program at the University of Washington in USA. His films Emily Cries and The Ballad of Piotrowski won many Polish and international awards.


2006 Emilka płacze / Emily Cries (short)

2007 Ballada o Piotrowskim / The Ballad of Piotrowski

2011 Konfident / The Informer (short)

Cast & Crew

director Rafał Kapeliński
screenplay Rafał Kapeliński
cinematography Maciej Pawliński
editing Paweł Dyllus
music Zbigniew Malecki
cast Wiesław Sławik, Bogumiła Murzyńska, Kazimierz Mazur, Andrzej Szopa
producer Ewa Jastrzębska
production SFP – Studio Munka, Aurora Film Productions
sales Krakowska Fundacja Filmowa
language Polish
colouration colour