Philippe Mora
USA 2012 / 91’

Continuity is a pastiche of the X-files and The Da Vinci Code in bricolage form that imparts an impression of improvisation. Philippe Mora, familiar to New Horizons audiences from hits like Howling III: The Marsupials and Mad Dog Morgan, sets off on a journey to find whether God exists. He visits Wrocław, Auschwitz and Berlin discovering the stories of Jesus, Hitler and Einstein, recording his video journal and interviewing people with uncanny abilities. Centurions appear here, as do Buddhist monks, an ‘acidy’ electronica soundtrack underpins zero-budget special effects and the mockumentary goes hand in hand with its musical sections about the tits that changed history.

Philippe Mora

Philippe Mora (born in 1949, in Paris) moved to Melbourne as a two-year-old, and to London as a teen, where rode the wave of psychedelic revolution, made some valuable friendships, including with Eric Clapton. He drew and sculpted, but gained his greatest notoriety with the 10th muse by specializing in genre cinema, which he treats tongue-in-cheek and with an auteur approach. He’s used the superhero vehicle (The Return of Captain Invincible), horror (Howling III: The Marsupials), western (Mad Dog Morgan), and science fiction (Communion).

Selected filmography

1976 Szalony pies Morgan / Mad Dog Morgan

1982 Wcielenie / The Beast Within

1983 Powrót Kapitana Niezwyciężonego / The Return of Captain Invincible aka Legend in Leotards

1984 Samotny łowca / A Breed Apart

1986 Death of a Soldier

1987 Skowyt III: Torbacze / Howling III: The Marsupials

1989 Wspólnota / Communion

2012 Continuity


director Philippe Mora
screenplay Philippe Mora
cinematography Bruno Pheasantry, archival footage
editing Kristina Ivanova
music Harald Grosskopf
cast Philippe Mora, Hoyt Richards, Rena Riffel, John Buckley, Georges Mora, Anni Blackhurst
producer Philippe Mora, Pamela Mora
production Hard Drive Pictures and Gonzo Indie, Really Homemade Pictures
sales Really Homemade Pictures
language English
colouration colour & b&w