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Caitlin Plays Herself

Joe Swanberg
USA 2011 / 69’
World premiere

In the latest film from Joe Swanberg, the title character and lead actor is Caitlin Stainken – in real life, a member of ‘The Neo-Futurists’, an experimental theater ensemble based in Chicago. A distinguishing characteristic of their performances is that actors play only themselves in an effort to reach the audience as honestly and directly as possible. The approach is in line with Swanberg’s filmmaking method, which has always aimed to blur the boundaries between the actors as people and the characters they portray, always seeking the utmost authenticity and honesty. The title of Caitlin Plays Herself expresses the film in a nutshell, describing both its content and form. Loosely connected scenes depict Caitlin – a lonely and somewhat uncertain theater actor. The manic, tight frames of Swanberg’s early work give way to long static scenes, but his emotional realism remains unrelenting.

Grzegorz Kurek

Joe Swanberg

Independent filmmaker, humorist, screenwriter, editor, cinematographer, actor and producer Joe Swanberg was born in 1981, in Detroit. His films are included in the mumblecore movement, but his latest work suggests new directions. In his teens, Swanberg wanted to be sportsman, but after seeing the Coen brothers’ Raising Arizona, he decided to devote himself to filmmaking. After graduating from film school, he made his debut at the SXSW festival in Austin with Kissing on the Mouth. Since then, he has directed nine other full-length films, in addition to web series and short features.



2005 Całowanie w usta / Kissing on the Mouth

2006–2009 Young American Bodies (serial internetowy / internet series)

2006 LOL

2007 Hannah wchodzi po schodach / Hannah Takes the Stairs

2008 Noce i weekendy / Nights and Weekends (współreż. / co-dir.)

2008 Swedish Blueballs (współreż., kr. m. / co-dir., short)

2008 Butterknife (serial internetowy / internet series)

2008–2009 The Stagg Party (serial internetowy / internet series)

2009 Alexander the Last

2009 Birthday Suit (kr. m. / short)

2011 Srebrne kule / Silver Bullets

2011 Historia sztuki / Art History

2011 Wujek Kent / Uncle Kent

2011 Autoerotyzm / Autoerotic (współreż. / co-dir.)

2011 Caitlin gra Caitlin / Caitlin Plays Herself

Prepared by: Grzegorz Kurek

Cast & Crew

director Joe Swanberg
screenplay Joe Swanberg, Caitlin Stainken
cinematography Joe Swanberg, Adam Wingard
editing Joe Swanberg
music Keith Ruggiero
cast Caitlin Stainken, Joe Swanberg, Frank V. Ross, Megan Mercier, Tim Reid
producer Joe Swanberg
production Joe Swanberg
sales Joe Swanberg
language English
colouration colour