Peter Schreiner
Austria 2006 / 117’

Giuliana lives in the linguistic enclave of Sappada, Italy, close to the Austrian border. In addition to working in the kitchen of the Bellavista hotel, she explores the local dialect known as Sappadino, which she has been familiar with since childhood. Bellavista, Peter Schreiner's first film in many years, follows her as she visits the elderly and places of her childhood. Peter Schreiner is an extremely attentive observer and listener, making films in a way others write poems.

Viennale 2006


Peter Schreiner is not a prolific film maker. He takes his time for everything. Before he turns on the camera, he likes to spend some time at the place where he envisages his next film. He settles down among the inhabitants of his films. In Bellavista he goes to the Italian Alpine village Sappada, in the province of Belluno. Here, people speak an East Tyrol dialect that is threatened with extinction. When Schreinerhas chopped enough wood, the community opens up to him. What follows is a thoughtful, serene and sensitive encounter with three women from Sappada, each with a tragic and resilient story to tell. There is nothing special about Sappada; it resembles a mountain village like so many. The attentive Schreiner records experiences that are as private as they are universal.

Peter van Hoof, IFF Rotterdam 2007

Peter Schreiner, born in 1957 in Vienna, has made experimental documentaries since 1982. His impressive documentary I cimbri about the inhabitants of an asolated mountain village and Blaue Ferne, a poetic and photographic quest with the camera for evidence of reality and love, were screened on the international film festivals. Between 1998 and 2004 Schreiner worked as a pastoral assistant. In 2004 he started preparimg for Bellavista.


1977 Thomas D. Interpret (kr.m., dok.)

1982 Grelles Licht (dok.)

1983 Erste Liebe (dok.)

1984 Adagio (kr.m.)

1985 Kinderfilm (dok.)

1986-1990 Auf dem Weg (dok.)

1990 I Cimbri (dok.)

1994 Blaue Ferne (dok.)

2006 Bellavista (dok.)

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director: Peter Schreiner
screenplay: Peter Schreiner, Guliana Pachner
cinematography: Peter Schreiner,
cast: Guliana Pachner, Bernardina Puller-Puicher, Erminia Colle Tiz, Barbara Pachner, Diana Pachner
producer: Gerhard Kastler
production: Echtzeitfilm
sales: Echtzeitfilm
language: German, Italian, sappadino