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Bitter Herb

Maria Ornaf
Poland 2019 / 16’
subtitles: English
Badylok Boys with Butterflies

In the past, when mothers wanted to stop breastfeeding, they would rub their breasts with an infusion of wormwood, so that the bitter taste would make the child never want breast milk again.

Magdalena Sztorc


Koszaliński Festiwal Debiutów Filmowych "Młodzi i Film" 2019 - Best Cinematography; Transatlantyk FF 2019 - Special Mention


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mo 29 Jul, 16:00knh 2
fr 02 Aug, 16:00knh 5
Filmmakers Q&A
su 04 Aug, 19:00knh 2
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Maria Ornaf

Born in 1989, Maria Ornaf studied intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, and she attended the Faculdade de Belas-Artes in Lisbon on a scholarship. She is currently a fourth-student at the Łódź Film School, where she is studying directing. So far, she has made eight short films.


2016 Rudna (short)

2016 Rozplatanie (short)

2017 Stan lotny (short)

2017 Przedświt (short)

2017 Pół godziny dnia (short)

2017 Luna (short)

2018 Arytmia (short)

2019 Piołun (short)