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Wojciech Faruga
Poland 2013 / 55’
The Suitcase Your Highness

One actress and a female chorus. One of the best-known women of the 20th century, about whom practically nothing is known - a nameless composite symbolizing Soviet female cosmonauts being prepared for spaceflight, Valentina's doubles, who will always remain in her shadow. A show, a concert. A documentary and a creation. Tereshkova was a textile worker whom Khrushchev plucked from obscurity to become the first woman in space. After returning to earth, she shone with a quasi-divine light. She became one of the brightest and most recognizable stars of the Soviet Union. Among sporting heroes, scientists and artists, the cosmonauts were the greatest heroes, the top stars. After 1989 Tereshkova fell silent, and still doesn't speak with journalists. Valentina is an attempt to free her story, using a unique theatrical form that brings together on a single stage an actress and a chorus of women similar in age to Valentina.

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