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Olga Chajdas
Poland 2018 / 130’
Happy as Lazzaro Searching

"Have you known each other for a long time?" Magda (Eliza Rycembel) asks her married teacher, Nina (Julia Kijowska), about her relationship just after they've met. "Since high school." "And you're not bored yet?" "It's become a bit boring." The cure for boredom is, of course, a child. After years of fruitless attempts, however, they don't have options left, and the young Magda seems to be the perfect candidate for a surrogate-but Nina starts to feel something more for her. In Olga Chajdas's film, an award winner at the Rotterdam Festival, a grown-up woman starts having doubts about her well-ordered life under the influence of an uninhibited girl. The sarcastic teacher Nina, constantly correcting her husband's grammar, suddenly discovers that she has completely new needs. Chajdas shows that, in addition to being bold, she also has a dry sense of humor.

Marta Bałaga


Rotterdam IFF 2018 – Big Screen Award

Olga Chajdas

Olga Chajdas is a Polish director who was born in Poznań in 1983. She studied at the Łódź Film School and the Wajda School. She collaborated with Kasia Adamik on The Offsiders and with Agnieszka Holland on In Darkness and Janosik: A True Story. Her short film 3xLOVE was an award winner at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards. Completed in 2018, her debut film, Ninastarring Julia Kijowska and Eliza Rycembel, was an award winner at the Rotterdam Festival.


2013 Głęboka woda (TV)

2016 3xMIŁOŚĆ / 3xLOVE (short)

2017 Kobieta budzi się rano / Morning Has Broken (short)

2018 Nina

Cast & Crew

director Olga Chajdas
screenplay Marta Konarzewska, Olga Chajdas
cinematography Tomasz Naumiuk
editing Kasia Adamik
music Smolik
cast Julia Kijowska, Eliza Rycembel, Andrzej Konopka, Katarzyna Gniewkowska, Maria Peszek
producer Dariusz Pietrykowski
production Film It
sales Film It
language Polish
colouration colour