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David Gutiérrez Camps
Spain 2017 / 77’
Still Life

A young black man walks slowly through a forest. His body, tuned to the rhythm of nature, is a reference to something much older than one would expect in trying to solve the mystery of his origin. He is a gatherer, symbolizing the peaceful, eternal coexistence between humans and the world around them. The calm turns out to be an illusion, however, as the world is in the eye of a cyclone. This twentysomething Mauritanian, Musa Camara, shares the same immigrant fate in the Spanish provinces as several similar refugees from the worst part of the globe. Hit by a recession, the country seems to be depopulated. In search of a job, Musa knocks to no avail on the door of an abandoned villa. He doesn't speed up his pace for even a moment, and his movements show no sign of lost hope-he continues to flow with an invisible current. With the single-mindedness of a Ford robot, he continues to walk through the woods, collecting pine cones and brushwood and stacking them in piles in hopes of selling them to someone who needs them. Using sophisticated visuals, the Spanish director sketches in Undergrowth a delicate portrait of a prehistoric man who looks at the absurd world with astonishment.

David Gutiérrez Camps

David Gutiérrez Camps (Vidreres, 1982) is a filmmaker based in Barcelona. He premiered his first feature film The Juan Bushwick Diaries in 2013, receiving a quite unanimous critical acclaim in Spain. He also directs commercials, music videos and documentaries. His previous shorts had been screened international film festivals such as CPH DOX in Copenhagen or Images Festival in Toronto as well as programmed in venues like Anthology Film Archives in New York or Le Bal in Paris. He grew up in Vidreres (Girona, Spain) and studied Audiovisual Communication in Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) and FAMU (Prague, Czech Republic). He also attended the New School in New York City in 2009.


2009 Water in the Boat (doc. short)

2009 175 (doc. short) 

2013 The Juan Bushwick Diaries

2017 Runo / Sotobosque/Sotabosc / Undergrowth

Cast & Crew

director David Gutiérrez Camps
screenplay David Gutiérrez Camps
cinematography Aída Torrent
editing David Gutiérrez Camps
sound Toni Grabulosa
cast Musa Camara, Samba Diallo, Deborah Marin
producer Albert Baquero, John Bartleby
sales David Gutiérrez Camps
language Catalan, Spanish
colouration colour