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Joji Koyama, Tujiko Noriko
France, UK, Germany, Luxembourg, Japan 2017 / 84’
Knife in the Clear Water Letters

A film trap that seduces with its imagery and sound, irritates with its chaos, causes anxiety and puts viewers' habits on trial. As a result, it makes sure you won't forget it. Two artists, Joji Koyama and Tujiko Noriko, offer an unusual audiovisual experience from the intersection of cinema, photography and oral history. The starting point is inconspicuous: Romi, a Japanese woman living in Paris, works at a karaoke bar, and after work she looks after her paralyzed boyfriend, Milou, who doesn't speak. In an attempt to reach him and at the same time tame to heal her own loneliness, she starts telling him a story. She seeks shelter in the past, when they both lived in Japan. Her monologue soon gets out of control, however. The off-screen narration gets darker, and the story starts moving in the direction of a disturbing body horror, which doesn't always correspond with what's happening on-screen. Koyama and Noriko have created an intriguing collage essay with intertwining memories, intimate moments and amazing stories permeated by faith in the power of storytelling. Regardless of whether they are stories that build something or become an obsession.

Mariusz Mikliński

Joji Koyama

Joji Koyama is a visual artist, graphic designer, animator and actor. He has made music videos for bands such as Mogwai, Coldcut and Four Tet, and he also collaborated with Matthew Herbert. In 2015, he founded a small publishing house where he published his own work, Plassein, a comic strip devoid of dialogue based on abstract graphics. He lives in Berlin.


2006 From Nose to mouth (short)

2007 Meaningless (short)

2017 Jlin: Carbon 7 (music video)

2017 Kuro

Tujiko Noriko

Tujiko Noriko is a visual artist, musician and vocalist living in Paris. She has recorded 17 albums. In 2003, she received a Prix Art Electronica for her Hard Ni Sasete project. She has collaborated with artists such as Peter Rehberg, Nobukazu Takemura and Lawrence English. She has been making films since 2015.


2005 Sand and Mini Hawaii

2008 Sun

2017 Kuro

Cast & Crew

director Joji Koyama, Tujiko Noriko
screenplay Joji Koyama, Tujiko Noriko
cinematography Joji Koyama
music Tujiko Noriko
cast Jackie, Tujiko Noriko
producer Joji Koyama, Tujiko Noriko, Gilles Chanial
production Joji Koyama, Tujiko Noriko
sales Joji Koyama, Tujiko Noriko
language Japanese
colouration colour