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The Bed

Mónica Lairana
La cama
Argentina, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany 2018 / 95’
My Friend the Polish Girl The Dead and the Others

An elegy for a decaying relationship written on two naked bodies and a home that is becoming deserted. In her feature debut, Argentinean director Mónica Lairana limits the dialogue to a minimum in order to tell the story of the years that a middle-aged couple spent together through images of their final shared moments. She examines a man and woman who, faced with parting, try to hang onto whatever they can from the years they spent together: the remains of dying lust, the tenderness and trust they still share, as well as memories that have been accumulated over the years in every object, including the eponymous bed, found in a home they know as well as they know each other. Lairana's exceptionally focused, sincere and sometimes painful film, which divided audiences at this year's Berlinale, is another strong feminine voice from Argentina. Using simple means, the director manages to capture something universal and fundamental: that strange state when you're no longer together but it's also clear that you'll never be completely apart.

Adam Kruk

Mónica Lairana

Born in Buenos Aires in 1973, Mónica Lairana is an actress and director. She has appeared in numerous stage plays, TV series and feature films, including Little Sky (María Victoria Menis, 2004) and The Boss, Anatomy of a Crime (Sebastián Schindel, 2014). Since 2010, she has been making short films dedicated to Argentinean women. The Bed, her full-length debut, premiered at this year's Berlinale.


2010 Rosa (short)

2013 María (short)

2014 Emilia (short)

2018 Łóżko / La cama / The Bed

Cast & Crew

director Mónica Lairana
screenplay Mónica Lairana
cinematography Flavio Dragoset
editing Eduardo Serrano
cast Sandra Sandrini, Alejo Mango
producer Mónica Lairana, Adriana Yurcovich, Paulo Pécora, Gema Juárez Allen
production Rio Abajo, Gema Films, Sutor Kolonko, 3 Moinhos, Topkapi Films
sales Pascale Ramonda
language Spanish
colouration colour