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Valérie Massadian
France, Portugal 2017 / 128’
Les garçons sauvages My Friend the Polish Girl

Milla and Leo, a couple of teenage outcasts in love, have nothing to lose. They don't have a roof over their heads or any plans in life. They love each other and live life one day at a time. This ephemeral love story, which turns into a story about motherhood, is extraordinarily sensual and intimate. The relationship between the two lovers, and later between the mother and her child, takes place not in words but through a mutual exchange of energy. Massadian (Nana, New Horizons 2012) is a talented director, has a good eye for body language and an ear for the unspoken. Milla captures teenage energy suspended between silliness and pathos, where gestures are everything, and if something has to be expressed in words, it's done through song lyrics and poems. Milla's early motherhood is shown not as a trauma but as a gift that allows her to move from teenage limbo into adulthood. Her child opens her up to experiencing a reality that is sometimes difficult and painful but also beautiful. A probing film about love and loneliness with the spirit of Chantal Akerman hovering over scenes from everyday life.

Ewa Szabłowska


DocLisboa 2017 - Best Film; Entrevous 2017 – Best Film; Locarno IFF 2017 – Special Jury Prize, Audience Award; Lanzarote FF 2017 – Best Film

Valérie Massadian

Valérie Massadian is a French director, screenwriter, actress and artist. As a photographer, she has worked with Nan Goldin, and it was in fact photography that led her to a career in film. Her work (slideshows: The LinkMary Go RoundJournal de Bord) has been presented at exhibitions in London, Porto and Tokyo.Her movie Nana was selected as the best film at the festival in Locarno in 2011.


2011 Lena (TV, short)

2011 Nana

2017 Milla

Cast & Crew

director Valérie Massadian
screenplay Valérie Massadian
cinematography Robin Fresson, Mel Massadian
editing Valérie Massadian
music Ghost Dance
cast Severine Jonckeere, Luc Chessel, Ethan Jonckeere
producer Sophie Erbs
production Gaijin
sales Valérie Massadian
language French
colouration colour