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The Battle of Wroclaw

Beata Januchta
Bitwa wrocławska
Poland 2016 / 115’
Luxus. The Simple Story The Generations

A documentary about the origins, the course, and the consequences of the largest street protest during the period of martial law in Poland. It validates to a significant degree the current state of historical knowledge of the events of 31 August 1982. The film's main character was 15 years old at the time. He kept a diary for several months, writing down information about what was going on in the country, collecting newspaper clippings, and recording his impressions about the mass for the homeland that he attended. Right before 31 August, however, his story changes. It contains information about the appearance of police cars registered in other voivodships, about increases in the frequency and size of patrols, and even about the types of weapons used by the officers. He is very much an adult today, of course, but he still lives through his memories. He takes his diary to the Institute of National Remembrance and compares his notes with documents from the security services stored there. The film contains previously unpublished archival materials.

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Beata Januchta

Born in Trzebnica in 1969, Beata Januchta is a journalist who has made a number of documentary films and reports for the TVP1 and TVP2 television stations. She studied Polish Philology at the University of Wrocław and Journalism at Jagiellonian University. She began working for Słowo Polskie and Wrocław Television while she was still a student. Her films include the series Miłość… w innym wymiarze (Love … in Another Dimension)Protestuję (I Protest)Prowokator (Agent Provocateur)Obserwator (Bystander). She has made hundreds of social reports for the Wroclaw branch of Polish Television, TVP1, TVP2, and Polonia Television, many of which won festival awards.

Selected filmography

2001 Dzieciaki z podwórka (doc.)

2002 Życie raz jeszcze (doc.)

2003 Żywot Michała (doc.)

2005 Raj tuż za rogiem (doc.)

2008 Dekalog... po dekalogu (doc.)

2016 Bitwa wrocławska (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Beata Januchta
screenplay Beata Januchta
cinematography Krzysztof Kozłowski
editing Robert Piechnik
music Łukasz Targosz
producer Andrzej Jerie
production Ośrodek Pamięć i Przyszłość
sales Jarosław Skóra
language Polish
colouration colour & b&w