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Killing Ground

Damien Power
Australia 2016 / 88’
Hounds of Love Kuso

It would be easy to file Killing Ground under what has become a popular and somewhat overdone trend in the horror genre, where innocent campers are ruthlessly massacred by a madman with a shotgun. Although Damien Power shows nothing but respect for the conventions of the genre, he is by no means servile to them. In accordance with the unwritten tradition of Ozploitation cinema, the Tasmanian director not only portrays the Australian outback as an uncharted part of the world, where—recalling well-known advertising slogans—no one can hear your screams, but he does so boldly and with panache. The story of a young couple ringing in the New Year at a campsite is intertwined in parallel with macabre scenes from recent events that took place in the titular killing ground. Through a clever narrative form, the audience is painfully aware that Sam and Ian are heading toward certain death. Power's choice of narrative style intensifies the feeling of the inevitability of impending disaster.

Bartosz Czartoryski

Damien Power

Damien Power is a Tasmanian filmmaker who was raised in a small town that had only one cinema for its 60,000 inhabitants. He joined a discussion club as a teenager. He cultivated his love for film after moving to Sydney, where he studied Direction at the Australian Film Television and Radio School, after which he began making short films. Killing Ground is his first full-length feature.


2016 Zabójcza ziemia / Killing Ground

Cast & Crew

director Damien Power
screenplay Damien Power
cinematography Simon Champman
editing Katie Flaxman
music Leah Curtis
cast Stephen Hunter, Aaron Pedersen, Tiarnie Coupland, Harriet Dyer, Aaron Glenane
producer Michael Gudinski, John Molloy
production Hypergiant Films, Arcadia
sales Films Distribution
language English
colouration colour